15. 02. 2016
King Charles Cavalier wet sad

Splish Splash I hate having a bath

  Did you see my latest video with Ninja? Cats cleans themselves and he has taught me to do it to!!! Wasn’t that hard …. So, I totally don’t get it why my...

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16. 08. 2015
CAVALIERS IN ART Portrait of a Lady by Pieter Borsselaer (ca. 1640-1731

Then and Now

Cavaliers in art always impress me. This ¬†Portrait of a Lady by Pieter Borsselaer ¬†(1640-1731) is amazing but I love my mom more… Kisses Spot

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12. 07. 2015
dog pool party

Dog Playdate by the Pool

I asked Ben to come in…. never happened…. I loooooove my Italian friend Vitto Ben resting next to his mom Vitto is my best friend I invited my friends to play in the...

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