20. 06. 2018

Tennis ball mania

I am obsessed with tennis balls. I find them under beach rackets…. but mom says I must give them back and play with my own. But it so much fun going tennis ball...

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18. 06. 2018

Afternoon in Corfu

Always ready for a nap! Love Spot

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16. 06. 2018

Vacation in Corfu

You know me… I love travel!!! I was at Glyfada beach, in Corfu. I woke up early every day and enjoyed the beach. Love Spot

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21. 05. 2018

Baby Turtle

WOW!!! Look at our baby turtle …. at last she woke up… Love Spot

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15. 05. 2018

Waiting… waiting ….

I was waiting and waiting and waiting for my mom’s girlfriends… and then they came and I have eyes only for my mom…and so does she ….. We love each other… Love Spot...

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12. 05. 2018

Love Men’s shops

Shopping is not my idea of a walk…. However, I do love Leroy Merlin and shopping for the garden. Love Spot

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20. 04. 2018

Just woke up

We just woke up and we are in no rush…. Love Spot

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25. 03. 2018

Lazy Sunday Mornings

Happy Sunday my dear friends!!! I am feeling lazy today!   Love Spot

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18. 03. 2018

Boat trip

My mom traveled to India… I did try to sneak in her suitcase but with no luck… Anyway, I went with my daddy to a Greek Island, Aigina!!! I love boat rides…and having...

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27. 01. 2018

Play date

My best friend Vitto and Emma! Playdates are the best!!!! Love Spot

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