21. 11. 2018

I am 5 and my heart is fine !!

  You know my breed, King Charles Spaniel, has sometimes heart problems, so, my mom took me to Professor Koutinas forĀ a heart check-up. I am 5 now so she wanted to make sure...

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06. 09. 2018

Autumn in Corfu

I love this Greek Island! I have many friends in Corfu town. I visited Bibi yesterday at Tina Vlachou Jewels (her mom’s jewelry store). Bibi is sooooo tiny and cute! Love Spot  

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13. 07. 2018

The Hat and Me

I asked my mom to let me model the handmade hat by Greek designer Sparti Linardakis she was promoting on Trendsurvivor. She said yes… and this is what happened at first… OPS!! but...

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20. 06. 2018

Tennis ball mania

I am obsessed with tennis balls. I find them under beach rackets…. but mom says I must give them back and play with my own. But it so much fun going tennis ball...

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18. 06. 2018

Afternoon in Corfu

Always ready for a nap! Love Spot

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16. 06. 2018

Vacation in Corfu

You know me… I love travel!!! I was at Glyfada beach, in Corfu. I woke up early every day and enjoyed the beach. Love Spot

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21. 05. 2018

Baby Turtle

WOW!!! Look at our baby turtle …. at last she woke up… Love Spot

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15. 05. 2018

Waiting… waiting ….

I was waiting and waiting and waiting for my mom’s girlfriends… and then they came and I have eyes only for my mom…and so does she ….. We love each other… Love Spot...

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12. 05. 2018

Love Men’s shops

Shopping is not my idea of a walk…. However, I do love Leroy Merlin and shopping for the garden. Love Spot

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20. 04. 2018

Just woke up

We just woke up and we are in no rush…. Love Spot

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