17. 06. 2014
dog and cactus

Smelling the cactus

  Smelling the baby cactus flower… They smell like… nothing If you want to create a mini cactus garden my mom has the details on her blog. Love Spot

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11. 06. 2014
Spot swimming pool

Swimming… in the sea (video)

I am not crazy about water but swimming in the Aegean sea was fun. I like to make my mom and dad happy so I gave it a try… The water was warm...

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09. 06. 2014
Spot sleeping


  I found this selfie ┬áin my mom’s iPhone of a picture while I am sleeping. Oh yes, I sleep in bed with her and my dad. Yes, Yes under the bedsheets sometimes...

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06. 06. 2014
Spot and Ninja

My best friend Ninja the Black Cat

My best friend Ninja is a black cat. We live together and I play with him all the time! I even share my toys! Love Spot  

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02. 06. 2014
Spot swimming pool paros

A walk on the beach (Video)

My mom filmed a video with her iPhone with me walking on the beach … Did I go in the water? Noooo, scary!!! Maybe tomorrow…   Love Spot  

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30. 05. 2014
Cuttest Dogs Ever

Cutest Dogs Photographs Ever

  I always like to share amazing pictures I find and these are the cutest dogs photographs ever! There is even a tricolor cavalier king Charles that looks exactly like me! The images...

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28. 05. 2014
dog pool sea, Paros island

In Paros

I have arrived in Paros, a beautiful Greek Island in the Aegean sea. I haven’t seen much yet but the place looks great. I love the garden and my mom told me when...

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21. 05. 2014
spot on the bed

Cavalier King Charles Dog portrait

  This is my recent Cavalier King Charles Dog portrait on our bed… I was told we will go on a trip… I overheard Greek Island… My heart is beating faster… Stay tuned...

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16. 05. 2014
Maximo boxer and Spot

Our game

I enjoy playing with Maximo. He is my pal! Love Spot

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14. 05. 2014
dog stroller, cavalier king charles

Test Driving My new Dog Stroller

My mommy bought me an amazing pet stroller from Amazon. I wrote a product review the moment I got it, as you can see here. Our first, test drive on the street was...

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