24. 09. 2014

A tiger playing with Dog (video)

Post by Justin Tigerboy Fernandes. An unbelievable video of a tiger playing with dog… a small dog!!! Meet Panjo the tiger  and Sky the Jack Russell dog. According to dailymail.co.uk Panjo acts just...

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02. 09. 2014
Mysterious owl

Mysterious Owl

I have a weakness for birds and I love the mysterious Owl. I saw the above image at designspiration.net. Owl is a bird that features prominently in the myths and legends of a variety...

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12. 08. 2014
Music Loving Cows (video)

Music Loving Cows (video)

My aunt Yanna send this music loving cows video to my mom and I love it! Farmer Derek Klingenberg is serenading the cattle with his trombone. I like music too.. Love Spot

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06. 05. 2014
spot and maximo hugging

A perfect day in the garden with Baby Boxer Maximo (video)

When Maximo, my half brother baby boxer comes over to play it is a perfect day! We run in the garden and play with a ball. Then we start hugging, bitting and kissing!...

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25. 03. 2014
Big Turtle garden

I saw this beast in the garden today

  I saw this giant beast in the garden. A turtle !!! Never a dull moment in my new home in Greece! Stay tuned I will tell you the whole story! Love Spot

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