Merry Christmas

On December 24, 2016 by Prince Spot

Merry Christmas my dear friends!

I wish you health, peace and love!!!

My birth mom send me a lovely Christmas card with King Charles cavalier pics on it (where does she find these cool cards?!)

plus gifts and treats. THANK YOU!!!






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2 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  • Hello! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from us all at Beauclarke Mews. Special wuffs and licks from mommy Pixie and brother Buddy and sister Darcey. We have a parcel from you too but we must wait until tomorrow to open it..we LOVE cardboard boxes too, a double present 🙂
    Mum gets her supplies from:
    but she made the squeaky bone herself!
    Loves and hugs from us all…mom too xxxx

    • Prince Spot

      Thank you for all the special wuffs and wishes!!!!
      We wish you a very Happy New Year with lot’s of presents, health and happiness.
      PS. Thanks for letting me know where you get these cute presents. I need some for my friends.

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