When King Charles met the Golden Retriever

On September 10, 2015 by Prince Spot

Tsiro Golden retriever Spot cavalier king

Tsiro Golden retriever Spot cavalier king Charles lying

Tsiro Golden retriever Spot cavalier king charles03

Tsiro Golden retriever Spot cavalier king charles kissing

When I met my new friends, Tsiro, a strong golden retriever and Luna, a kind setter, it seemed like I would have a super fun vacation with my parents in Spetses. We all played in the garden and run around the house with the kids.

But you should have seen Tsiro, the moment I took his ball to play. OMG! He barked at me, and showed his teeth… for a moment I thought he would bite me… His father told him to stop scaring me and he stopped barking immediately.

But I gave him the silent treatment for two whole days. He was looking at me to play and I was ignoring him.. I was always going out with my mom and dad and I didn’t even look at him.

The last day he was there looking at me silently begging me to play.. Oh! I could resist at the end… We hugged and kissed…

We are friends again but he learned his lesson… and I learned mine… didn’t touch his yellow tennis ball, again.



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