Jaslin makes me angry

On May 8, 2014 by Prince Spot

cat and dog

dog with heart marking

Spot pillow with dog

You already know I love Ninja, so you know I have nothing against cats! But Jaslin, the female cat that lives with us makes me soooo angry.

I will tell you what she does… You have seen on Instagram, or on my blog that the spot pillow in the bedroom leather couch is mine.

It has spots, so it’s mine. Spots… Spot!!!!

Plus, I sit there all the time so it’s mine! Right?

Well, Jaslin instead of taking the other pillow on the couch, she sits there and looks at me.

So I bark as loud as I can.

I know she does it to make me angry and thinks my mom will not love me because I am barking. Stupid cat.

My mom tells her to get OFF MY PILLOW!



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