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On April 9, 2014 by Prince Spot

Spangle spaniel book

My favorite book Spangle Spaniel

My favorite book Spangle Spaniel

 activity book Spangle Spaniel

My favorite book Spangle Spaniel

Did I tell you Julia (Fletcher) besides breeding sweet cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies, like me, is also a writer? Her book “Spangle Spaniel” is my favorite book!

Spangle, a tiny ruby cavalier King Charles, can do magic… awesome! I related to him because we both love to chase butterflies which sometimes get’s us into trouble.

You can find out more about the adventures of Spangle the magical spaniel here

Julia Fletcher tan and black spaniel

Julia has been a qualified nurse and is a lecturer in further and higher education and now spends her time between cuddling her fur family, lecturing, writing, working as a dog training instructor and as an ultrasongrapher for pregnancy detection in both cats and dogs! She also lives with her very patient husband Mark who is also the exceptionally talented illustrator of the Spangle series.



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