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On April 11, 2014 by Prince Spot

cavalier king Charles 1

1. My favorite pillow has Spots, 2. Love riding the couch, 4. I usually sleep on my parent’s bed…. I know I am spoiled…


All my Instagram pictures are from my mommy’s account. I don’t have my own like many famous dogs have because my mom is fashion blogger and she needs hers.

You can follow Trend Survivor @ Instagram  if you like but I worn you it’s not all about animals and me.

My mommy said when they will make it easier for one person to have two Instagram accounts or when she buys  a new  iPhone I will get one too.

Cavalier King Charles Spot and designer shoes From where my mom stands! She loves shoes and I like to look at them. I never eat them even though I feel like doing it sometimes.

cavalier king charles couch

1. At Katerina’s couch, 2. At a restaurant in Glyfada, 3. Resting on Maria’s lap, 4. at home

Cavalier King Charles, Boxer, black cat

1. The day I met my half brother baby boxer Maximo, 2. Ninja resting at home, 3. Oh Maximo could fit only his head through our pet door. You can find Pet door here and at here My life changed the day I discovered I can go to the garden whenever I want 4. I met another three dogs in Kifissia.




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