21. 12. 2014
Spot Tricolor King Charles Polo shirt

Happy Sunday!

I am ready and waiting for my mom to finish her coffee. We are going to an event called Ultra Dogs Walk at Ktima Syngrou… I am very excited… Love Spot

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01. 10. 2014
My New Tricolor Cavalier Friend Ben

My New Tricolor Cavalier Friend Ben

Meet my new tricolor Cavalier friend Ben! He is the best! I went for a walk in the park… So much fun! Love Spot P.S. Stay tuned I have more new friends… Ema...

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08. 08. 2014
Spot living room

Dog bodyguard

  I am a dog guard which is kind of a bodyguard. I always guard my mom and the living room. I went to an open air cinema the other day. I watched...

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06. 08. 2014
Spot's Spot

My Spot

  My Spot is still here. Remember when I was born it was very clear… that was why I was named Spot. OMG. I was soo tiny last October! Love Spot

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24. 07. 2014
Greek Island dog cavalier

My Vacation Pics

      Mom loves taking vacation pics! No, I will rephrase mom likes to take my pictures. Whatever, I do when I see her with the camera I freeze… It makes her...

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04. 07. 2014
Blue sea and cavalier King Charles Spaniel swimmin

Swimming in the Aegean Sea

Remember the video I showed you? The one I was swimming? I have been swimming every day since and I am getting better. The other day my mom was on the beach and...

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19. 06. 2014
Spot Sunset in Paros02

Dancing Dog in the Sunset

  I will tell you why I am dancing in the sunset. I know we are going out for a walk in the village. I am still in Paros and… I dance when...

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25. 04. 2014
professional King charles dog photography

Just Mommy and Me

  This is my favorite picture! Love Spot

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17. 04. 2014
Giant cat

The Giant Cat

Have you ever seen a bigger cat? This is a giant Cat! I got scared for a moment but then I realized he just wanted to look at us. He lives with Mochita...

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16. 04. 2014
Dog paly date beagle and cavalier

Say Hi to my Beagle friend Mochita

This is my new friend Mochita. She is a super friendly tricolor beagle. I read about beagles in wikipedia– Although beagle-type dogs have existed for over 2,000 years, the modern breed was developed...

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