10. 07. 2014
Dogs with their Toy Pets02

Dogs with their Toy Pets

We dogs have toy pets too… They are our babies… We play and then hug them and…. fall a sleep. Check out these amazing pictures of dogs sleeping with their favorite toys. Most...

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20. 05. 2014
Niki with Boxer Maximo

Niki with baby boxer Maximo selfie

  Maximo my baby boxer half brother and friend sleeps with his mama Niki in bed… Oh!  He acts like a grown up when he is sleeping… Love Spot  

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08. 04. 2014
cavalier king charles computer


  Sometimes I work so late I fall asleep with my laptop on… Stay tuned a new post coming up tomorrow… Love Spot

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23. 02. 2014
three puppies king charles wrapped up

Wrapped up

  We are  3 proud Cavalier King Charles pups all wrapped up!!!! Love Spot  

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20. 02. 2014
three cavaliers

The three Cavaliers

We are the three cavaliers … “All for one and one for all.” like Alexandre Dumas said in The Three Musketeers. We are sleeping now… Love Spot

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