19. 09. 2014
Anja Rubik and her dog on Instagram

Models and their Dogs Best Friends on Instagram

Models and their dogs best friends on Instagram just proves that beauty and being photogenic definitely runs in the family. In an article at Style.com you can see that the dogs are as pretty as...

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20. 06. 2014
Instagram Spot Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dogs on Instagram

I have already told you about the celebrity dogs on Instagram that have thousands of followers and get hundreds of likes! They are super stars! I want to tell you I am not...

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29. 05. 2014
Spot and Trendsurvivor smiling

100 Facebook likes

My mom uploaded this picture of us on facebook and we got 100 likes in one day!  On Instagram@TrendSurvivor we got 30! Love Spot

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11. 04. 2014
cavalier king Charles 1

March- My life on Instagram

1. My favorite pillow has Spots, 2. Love riding the couch, 4. I usually sleep on my parent’s bed…. I know I am spoiled…   All my Instagram pictures are from my mommy’s...

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10. 04. 2014
Famous Dogs on Instagram collage

Famous Super Star Dogs on Instagram

Do you know which dogs have thousands, yes you read right, thousands even hundred thousands followers on Instagram? For example Boo and Buddy have over 300,000 thousand people that look at their photos. Have a...

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