05. 09. 2014
dog smelling painting

Amazing Perfectly Timed Funny Dog photography

How about I show you today a few incredible, hilarious perfectly timed funny dog photos? Check them out and tell which one of the dog pictures is the funniest? I know it’s hard...

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01. 09. 2014
Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Now this is the best dog fetching ball video I have ever seen! The video was broadcasted on the Ellen Degeneres show. I realize I have a lot to learn regarding fetching ball...

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04. 08. 2014
Cat not ready for Monday

Funny Animals | Cat Not ready for …. Monday!

  How is your Monday? Funny animals are so … hmm funny! I am off to an Island with my mom!!! Super happy! Love Spot

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18. 04. 2014
Confessions of naughty dogs

Confessions of naughty dogs- Dog shaming

Good dogs with bad habits confess what they did that hmmm…. wasn’t nice…like chewing on everything, jumping on friends, barking the cat and many more.. Dog shaming started when Pascale Lemire‘s dog ate her...

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07. 04. 2014
Cartoon only child pat funny

This is my life in Greece

I am an only child and this cartoon perfectly shows my dog life in Greece. I am blessed. Love Spot  

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