19. 09. 2014
Anja Rubik and her dog on Instagram

Models and their Dogs Best Friends on Instagram

Models and their dogs best friends on Instagram just proves that beauty and being photogenic definitely runs in the family. In an article at Style.com you can see that the dogs are as pretty as...

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21. 08. 2014
dog and the little boy in the puddle

Shar pei dog and the little boy in the puddle

Have you seen the smart, protective, loyal shar pei’s amazing video “dog and the little boy in the puddle”? It did get 8, 928,000 views! If you are not one of them here...

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23. 07. 2014
dog at fashion week

Dog at fashion week

  Some dogs go with their moms to fashion week… I don’t even know exactly what that is but this dog is super cute! Hey, mom will we go to?? Have a lovely...

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17. 07. 2014
The Kennel Club Art Gallery

The Kennel Club Art Gallery

You obviously know I am an English Toy Spaniel but did you know there is an art exhibition at the Kennel Club Art Gallery? It houses the largest collection of dog paintings in Europe. According to...

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30. 06. 2014
Candice-Swanepoel dog striped dress

Dogs look like their owners? (video)

 Candice Swanepoel walking with her cute Jack Russell dog    Anna Dello Russo with  Cucciolina Have you heard that dogs look like their owners? Do you think Candice Swanepoel, the 24-year-old South African model’s, cute Jack Russell dog resemble her?...

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26. 06. 2014

Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman and the dog

  Among the most stylish couples ever according to Style.com Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman and the dog. Best looking 1950s trio .. Love Spot

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18. 06. 2014
dogs funny

Dog Picture of the Day

  My grandma sent me this funny dog picture and I can’t stop laughing… I hope my mom is not getting any new crazy dog styling ideas.. Love Spot

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14. 04. 2014
Tillman Dog scateboard

A letter to Tillman The Talented Skateboarding Bulldog Plus his Video

Hey Tillman! You are amazing! Can you teach me how to skate and serf?! Or only skate? I know bulldogs, like you, are especially good at this activity as they have a low...

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10. 04. 2014
Famous Dogs on Instagram collage

Famous Super Star Dogs on Instagram

Do you know which dogs have thousands, yes you read right, thousands even hundred thousands followers on Instagram? For example Boo and Buddy have over 300,000 thousand people that look at their photos. Have a...

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