08. 02. 2016
cavalier king Charles and big dogs

Happy playing with the big dogs

I went with my friend Emma to the park … but you know her.. always prefers sitting on a chair instead of running around. Never mind… I played with the big dogs!!! Fun...

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04. 11. 2015
why dogs lick your face

Why your dog licks your face?

Why your dog licks your face? But really? You don’t know? Do you need articles explaining the 5 reasons your dog licks your face? It’s so so simple…. Your dog licks your face because...

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06. 08. 2015

Summer is fun

Life’s a beach…. or is it a swimming pool. Emma went in the pool… at last !!! It was so hot that day all my friends went in. Love Spot

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28. 05. 2015
Spot in the park

A Walk in the Park with King Charles friends

I made a new friend today. A girl-friend !!!! <3 Charlotte is part of our team now… We went to ktima Syngrou for a walk before my trip to Paros. I hadn’t seen...

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21. 12. 2014
Spot Tricolor King Charles Polo shirt

Happy Sunday!

I am ready and waiting for my mom to finish her coffee. We are going to an event called Ultra Dogs Walk at Ktima Syngrou… I am very excited… Love Spot

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25. 11. 2014

Best Funny Halloween Dog Costumes

Some of the best funny Halloween Dog Costumes are a super easy DIY! I loved so many of them I had to share… Get ready for Halloween and Carnival!!! These dog carnival costumes are...

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20. 11. 2014

Dogs Of The World Super Cute Pet Posters

  Dogs Of The World is a new series of super cute pet posters by Lili Chin. More than 192 dog designs and 24 cat designs. All of these beautiful posters and many...

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04. 11. 2014
Gaston and Prince Spot

The best of my 1st Dog Birthday Party with Gaston

Gaston and me My first dog birthday party was so much fun… everyone was there …all my cavalier King Charles friends and my buddy Croco who was all alone lost in the streets...

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06. 10. 2014
Dogs in pet stroller

Dogs in a Pet Stroller

  My aunt Yanna send me this pic of two dogs in a pet stroller at Starbucks in Kings Road, in London! When I was young my mom use to take me with...

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19. 09. 2014
Anja Rubik and her dog on Instagram

Models and their Dogs Best Friends on Instagram

Models and their dogs best friends on Instagram just proves that beauty and being photogenic definitely runs in the family. In an article at Style.com you can see that the dogs are as pretty as...

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