12. 07. 2015
dog pool party

Dog Playdate by the Pool

I asked Ben to come in…. never happened…. I loooooove my Italian friend Vitto Ben resting next to his mom Vitto is my best friend I invited my friends to play in the...

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27. 04. 2015

Garden Party

    Easter Sunday at Maria’s house in Aegina was even better than I could have ever imagined. All the dogs, my best friend the boxer Pero and the beagle girls Mochita, Choupita...

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11. 07. 2014
Dogs with their Toy Pets

Twinkle Pet Playtime

Pet Playtime with more dogs with their toys …. sleeping and playing… Twinkle, my future friend living in La Jolla with my family in the States sent me a video. Oh! I love...

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03. 07. 2014
Spot at the beach 2

Exploring the Beach

Every single day when I was in Paros I explored the beach. I like to smell every pebble and pee on every bush… So much fun… After a while I swim … I...

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17. 06. 2014
dog and cactus

Smelling the cactus

  Smelling the baby cactus flower… They smell like… nothing If you want to create a mini cactus garden my mom has the details on her blog. Love Spot

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06. 05. 2014
spot and maximo hugging

A perfect day in the garden with Baby Boxer Maximo (video)

When Maximo, my half brother baby boxer comes over to play it is a perfect day! We run in the garden and play with a ball. Then we start hugging, bitting and kissing!...

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16. 04. 2014
Dog paly date beagle and cavalier

Say Hi to my Beagle friend Mochita

This is my new friend Mochita. She is a super friendly tricolor beagle. I read about beagles in wikipedia– Although beagle-type dogs have existed for over 2,000 years, the modern breed was developed...

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