18. 09. 2014
dog baby sitter hat

Dog baby sitters

  Dog baby sitters are the best! Have a look at the most amazing images I found on the web with dogs and kids. My favorite are from the Ellen DeGeneres page cutest...

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11. 07. 2014
Dogs with their Toy Pets

Twinkle Pet Playtime

Pet Playtime with more dogs with their toys …. sleeping and playing… Twinkle, my future friend living in La Jolla with my family in the States sent me a video. Oh! I love...

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10. 07. 2014
Dogs with their Toy Pets02

Dogs with their Toy Pets

We dogs have toy pets too… They are our babies… We play and then hug them and…. fall a sleep. Check out these amazing pictures of dogs sleeping with their favorite toys. Most...

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30. 05. 2014
Cuttest Dogs Ever

Cutest Dogs Photographs Ever

  I always like to share amazing pictures I find and these are the cutest dogs photographs ever! There is even a tricolor cavalier king Charles that looks exactly like me! The images...

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06. 05. 2014
spot and maximo hugging

A perfect day in the garden with Baby Boxer Maximo (video)

When Maximo, my half brother baby boxer comes over to play it is a perfect day! We run in the garden and play with a ball. Then we start hugging, bitting and kissing!...

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