16. 01. 2015
Christmas Gift Underwater Puppies

Does my dog know what I’m saying?

I saw an amazing video that explains to humans how I think. Does my dog know what humans are meaning? Of, course we do… Some dogs know 1,000 words like a four year...

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06. 12. 2014
Shake Puppies by Carli Davidson

Shake Puppies book and video by Carli Davidson

The Shake Puppies book by famous photographer Carli Davidson is a collection of 61 tiny pups candidly caught mid-shake. Fun and unique portraits of dogs shaking, jowls flapping, and fur flying,  SHAKE  captures  images...

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03. 11. 2014
Dog Birthday Cake Cavalier Kimng Charles

How to steal your friend’s Dog Birthday Cake

Learn from my friend Emma, the clever, always hungry Cavalier King Charles how to steal your friend’s dog Birthday cake… Watch for details of Emma’s method. Start by pushing your plate next to...

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12. 09. 2014
Dog show quality CH Craigowl Santana

Dog Show Quality (VIDEO)

I just show these two videos from a Dog Show with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Am I getting any ideas??? No…. I don’t even know if I am dog show quality? I read...

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09. 09. 2014
Run Walter, RUN!! Walter the adorable Labrador is a special dog, who really loves the sea! He lives in Siracusa, Sicily, italy.

Walter the Labrador runs to the sea ( Video)

An amazing video of Walter the Labrador as he runs to the sea. Run Walter, RUN!! Walter is an adorable Labrador who really loves the sea! Even more than me…. His video says it...

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01. 09. 2014
Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Now this is the best dog fetching ball video I have ever seen! The video was broadcasted on the Ellen Degeneres show. I realize I have a lot to learn regarding fetching ball...

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21. 08. 2014
dog and the little boy in the puddle

Shar pei dog and the little boy in the puddle

Have you seen the smart, protective, loyal shar pei’s amazing video “dog and the little boy in the puddle”? It did get 8, 928,000 views! If you are not one of them here...

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22. 07. 2014
Spot swimming pool escape ramp

Swimming pool Escape Ramp…. HELP (video)

I haven’t got used to the swimming pool escape ramp, yet. It is not that easy! I have to practice everyday with my moms help. I love swimming…. Love Spot

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18. 07. 2014
Spot in the swimming pool

Spot in the Swimming Pool (video)

My new video is in the swimming pool. I have started loving the water. Greece is warm in the summer and having a pool to swim in is a luxury I love! I...

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02. 07. 2014
Rescue Dog transformation (video)

Rescue Dog transformation (video)

This rescue dog transformation made me realize how lucky I am. Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws and Annie Hart found an abandoned dog in Compton in Los Angeles. The poor, small dog...

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