04. 08. 2016
Spot Cavalier King Charles going in the pool

Pool Games

I had so much fun today in the swimming pool with my new friends. It involved a little swimming and a lot of running. My mom took a short video. Enjoy! Love Spot

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05. 06. 2015
Cavalier King Charles Paros garden

I am not ready to swim yet

Good morning ! It is still cold.. I am not ready to swim yet … I am just drinking pool water… I went to the beach just for a walk… I know it...

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02. 06. 2015
Spot Paros Island Greece

Back to Paros Island

I am back in Paros Island with my parents. I always have an amazing time in the Greek Islands… I swim in the warm blue sea…. then I jump in the pool… I...

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17. 09. 2014
floating pool chair

Fun with the Floating Swimming Pool Chair

The floating swimming pool chair is one of my latest discoveries. I use it with my mom. I tried to use it by myself but I fell in the water when I tried...

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16. 09. 2014
Unique dog gift ideas

Amazing Unique Dog Gifts

When I say amazing unique dog gifts, I mean it! Think of a luxurious wooden double dog bed with side tables, think of mustache rubber ball.. What is that? I told they are...

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08. 09. 2014
A dog Pool Party

A dog Pool Party

Oh, I am totally jealous of this dog pool party at Lucky Puppy, a doggy daycare center in Michigan! The dogs playing in their bone-shaped pool look super happy about their pool. Enjoy...

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01. 09. 2014
Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Now this is the best dog fetching ball video I have ever seen! The video was broadcasted on the Ellen Degeneres show. I realize I have a lot to learn regarding fetching ball...

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27. 08. 2014
Spot cavalier swimming pool escape skamper ramp

Dog tutorial | How to use the Skamper Ramp

In my new post, I will tell you how to use the swimming pool escape Skamper ramp. There has been a lot of debate on amazon about the Skamper Ramp  and I will tell you...

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15. 08. 2014
Kea (tzia) White summer vacation

Summer vacation

  More pictures from my summer vacation with mom and Lara’s family. All day I was in the swimming pool.  I am starting to love water. I keep drinking pool water. Honestly I...

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29. 07. 2014
Swimming pool for Canines00

Swimming pools for Canines

Swimming pools for dogs in Spain! Yes, a swimming pool just for canines opened in Spain. It is designed to be right depth for dogs. It’s true I read it on dailymail.co.uk Dogs making...

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