18. 02. 2015
Spot Garden

An enormous Garden for a small dog

I went for a playdate with Flopsi the other day at her enormous garden. Can you Spot me in the image?? Hahahaha I look tiny, I know. But just to remind you, I...

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01. 12. 2014
Cute Dog Costumes Ideas by Marni and Cubby

Cute Dog Costumes Ideas by Marni and Cubby

Happy December my dear friends!!!! Did you know the famous cuteness rivals of celebrity dogs Boo and Buddy, are Pomeranians Marni and Cubby?? Super funny and sweet!!! Their moms, Toronto-based twins and creators of...

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03. 11. 2014
Spot portrait picture

My New Portrait Pictures

I plan to use one of these portrait pictures on my passport even though things are not looking that good… If I keep on gaining weight I will have trouble flying… We will...

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16. 09. 2014
Unique dog gift ideas

Amazing Unique Dog Gifts

When I say amazing unique dog gifts, I mean it! Think of a luxurious wooden double dog bed with side tables, think of mustache rubber ball.. What is that? I told they are...

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08. 09. 2014
A dog Pool Party

A dog Pool Party

Oh, I am totally jealous of this dog pool party at Lucky Puppy, a doggy daycare center in Michigan! The dogs playing in their bone-shaped pool look super happy about their pool. Enjoy...

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05. 09. 2014
dog smelling painting

Amazing Perfectly Timed Funny Dog photography

How about I show you today a few incredible, hilarious perfectly timed funny dog photos? Check them out and tell which one of the dog pictures is the funniest? I know it’s hard...

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07. 07. 2014
waiting dog photo of the day

Dog Photo of the Day

  Dog photo of the day was sent by my aunt Yanna. I wonder is he waiting for love? Love Spot

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04. 07. 2014
Blue sea and cavalier King Charles Spaniel swimmin

Swimming in the Aegean Sea

Remember the video I showed you? The one I was swimming? I have been swimming every day since and I am getting better. The other day my mom was on the beach and...

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03. 07. 2014
Spot at the beach 2

Exploring the Beach

Every single day when I was in Paros I explored the beach. I like to smell every pebble and pee on every bush… So much fun… After a while I swim … I...

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30. 05. 2014
Cuttest Dogs Ever

Cutest Dogs Photographs Ever

  I always like to share amazing pictures I find and these are the cutest dogs photographs ever! There is even a tricolor cavalier king Charles that looks exactly like me! The images...

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