27. 02. 2014
King Charles puppy tri color and tan

Ready to Go

My new mommy and sister came home. They met Julia and my Beauclarke Cavaliers family. I am flying to Athens, Greece soon. I am soooo ready for new adventures! Stay tuned! Love Spot Yummy monkey! Now...

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21. 02. 2014
puppies mess

Absolute mess

  Hey Julia…look what we did while you were out!! Good huh? So you know we are the triple trouble musketeers !!!! Love Spot  

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20. 02. 2014
three cavaliers

The three Cavaliers

We are the three cavaliers … “All for one and one for all.” like Alexandre Dumas said in The Three Musketeers. We are sleeping now… Love Spot

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19. 02. 2014
cavalier dogs couch

Let’s play

This my play couch… Come up and we play!!! Love Spot Post by Beauclarke Cavaliers.

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18. 02. 2014
cavalier black leather couch

The Couch is MINE

At last everybody knows the black leather couch is mine. Love Spot Post by Beauclarke Cavaliers.

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17. 02. 2014
Spot tricolor cavalier puppy on couch

Spot on the couch

  A big day for me! I managed to climb on the couch where the big dogs sit. Remember the video I was trying so hard…. If you don’t yu can see me...

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14. 02. 2014
solid food Cavallier puppies

Lunch Time

  We love this new dog food… Hey! Elli come and join us. Love Spot  

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12. 02. 2014
Cavalier King Charles Puppy Cakes02

Cool Cavalier King Charles puppy cakes

  I spotted some super cool and cute cavalier king Charles puppy cakes. I am sharing them along with some other pretty dog cakes. OMG! They look yummy! Love Spot    

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10. 02. 2014
Spot in backet

1st Day at School

Hello friends! I did well at school! I have the ‘sit’ mastered but then I wanted to play wit Buddy and Darcey instead of practicing my ‘down’! I handled 10 strange dogs of...

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08. 02. 2014
puppies cavalier sleeping tan, black and tricolor

Got my Pet Passport

Last few days as a threesome.. I got my pet passport.  Yippeee.  I was brave when I had my rabies shot today. I need to have a worming treatment 24-72 hours before I...

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