13. 03. 2014
Retro lady with cavalier in bath

How to get rid of Fleas- 4 easy steps

I know I am too young but I had to deal with fleas last week. My baby boxer “brother” Maximo, Niki’s dog had fleas the day we met and even though I was...

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10. 03. 2014

Famous Celebrities with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

  Julianne Hough Do you want to know which super famous celebrities have or had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? The list is long but today I will show Rex (dad Ronald and mom Nancy...

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05. 03. 2014
London Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chanel bag

I stared in TrendSurvivor, my mommy’s Fashion Blog

My mommy is a fashion blogger and sometimes I will pose with her for outfit posts. London with my baby Spot is my very first assignment in London. It wasn’t that difficult being a...

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03. 03. 2014
cavalier puppy spot on red couch

My first night in London

Nice couch! I slept with my mommy Nina and my sister Niki. They smell nice. I like them…   Love Spot

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28. 02. 2014
Spot-tri-color-cavalier-king-charles-London tube

On the London tube

I travelled on the London tube with my sister Niki and my mommy. WOW! That was fun… not scary at all. Love Spot

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27. 02. 2014
King Charles puppy tri color and tan

Ready to Go

My new mommy and sister came home. They met Julia and my Beauclarke Cavaliers family. I am flying to Athens, Greece soon. I am soooo ready for new adventures! Stay tuned! Love Spot Yummy monkey! Now...

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25. 02. 2014
cavalier blouse polo Ralph Lauren

My Polo Shirt

As you can imagine, I am not interested in fashion but my mommy is a fashion blogger so she is obsessed with everything stylish. Now this is my posh personalized Ralph Lauren polo...

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23. 02. 2014
three puppies king charles wrapped up

Wrapped up

  We are  3 proud Cavalier King Charles pups all wrapped up!!!! Love Spot  

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22. 02. 2014
spot and mommy

My mommy loves me

  I am getting older I know… but I still love to sleep with my mommy. Love Spot  

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21. 02. 2014
puppies mess

Absolute mess

  Hey Julia…look what we did while you were out!! Good huh? So you know we are the triple trouble musketeers !!!! Love Spot  

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