06. 09. 2018

Autumn in Corfu

I love this Greek Island! I have many friends in Corfu town. I visited Bibi yesterday at Tina Vlachou Jewels (her mom’s jewelry store). Bibi is sooooo tiny and cute! Love Spot  

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11. 08. 2016

When Spot met Yanna

This is my auntie Yanna. Isn’t she gorgeous?!!!! I met her at last and I will love her forever. I stayed at her house in London before I came to Greece but she...

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15. 07. 2015
Max and Spot

My brother Max the boxer

  I love my brother Maximo, the boxer! We go out for walks sometimes but he doesn’t come over to the house anymore. He is banned!!! My mom says he is very naughty....

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27. 06. 2015

Greek Islands Going Out

One of the best things about being on vacation with my mom and dad is I go out at night. I love watching the boats and the people passing by. Plus, I get...

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29. 04. 2015
bath time dog cavalier King Charles wet

Bath time

Do I like bathing? No !!! Do I like swimming ? YES!!! Don’t ask me why? It’s bath time… this is a sad story‚Ķ I just wait passionately for my mom to finish...

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20. 04. 2015

Easter in Aegina

  Hi guys! I have been so busy with my moms blog. Did you see my latest post from Aegina on TrendSurvivor? OMG! I had so much fun!!!! I spent Easter with my...

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18. 02. 2015
Spot Garden

An enormous Garden for a small dog

I went for a playdate with Flopsi the other day at her enormous garden. Can you Spot me in the image?? Hahahaha I look tiny, I know. But just to remind you, I...

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13. 11. 2014
Jour Fix A walk at ktima Syngrou

Jour Fix A walk at ktima Syngrou

  I just learned what jour fix means. It’s every Monday, when I go to ktima Syngrou to play with my dog friends. Krima Syngrou, located in the Northern suburbs was donated, in...

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04. 11. 2014
Gaston and Prince Spot

The best of my 1st Dog Birthday Party with Gaston

Gaston and me My first dog birthday party was so much fun… everyone was there …all my cavalier King Charles friends and my buddy Croco who was all alone lost in the streets...

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03. 11. 2014
Dog Birthday Cake Cavalier Kimng Charles

How to steal your friend’s Dog Birthday Cake

Learn from my friend Emma, the clever, always hungry Cavalier King Charles how to steal your friend’s dog Birthday cake… Watch for details of Emma’s method. Start by pushing your plate next to...

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