16. 02. 2015
cat dog fun pics

Arashi Cat and Oliver Dog

I found the cutest cat and dog duo ever. Arashi the cat, loves Oliver the dog almost as much as I love my best friend Ninja. You know who I mean…. the black cat...

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04. 09. 2014
Stroking the cat

Stroking the cat

Stroking the cat looks fun… I know exactly how this kitty feels… Before we go to bed my mom and dad are stroking me both at the same time… Heaven! Love Spot

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04. 08. 2014
Cat not ready for Monday

Funny Animals | Cat Not ready for …. Monday!

  How is your Monday? Funny animals are so … hmm funny! I am off to an Island with my mom!!! Super happy! Love Spot

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24. 06. 2014
black cat and dog video bathtub

Funny Cat and Dog (Video)

Hahahahaha very funny cat and dog video… I wouldn’t do that to Ninja… even though he loves water and the bathtub… Love Spot

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26. 05. 2014
Furbie cat and dog

Cat and Dog sleeping together

I found this picture of Furbie cat and dog sleeping on Vassia’s facebook page. She is my mom’s friend and I have seen him on her instagram account… I haven’t met him… Vassia...

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08. 05. 2014
cat and dog

Jaslin makes me angry

You already know I love Ninja, so you know I have nothing against cats! But Jaslin, the female cat that lives with us makes me soooo angry. I will tell you what she...

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17. 04. 2014
Giant cat

The Giant Cat

Have you ever seen a bigger cat? This is a giant Cat! I got scared for a moment but then I realized he just wanted to look at us. He lives with Mochita...

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