15. 07. 2015
Max and Spot

My brother Max the boxer

  I love my brother Maximo, the boxer! We go out for walks sometimes but he doesn’t come over to the house anymore. He is banned!!! My mom says he is very naughty....

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20. 04. 2015

Easter in Aegina

  Hi guys! I have been so busy with my moms blog. Did you see my latest post from Aegina on TrendSurvivor? OMG! I had so much fun!!!! I spent Easter with my...

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23. 06. 2014
Dog and the Sea

Dog and the Sea

I have started swimming every day in the sea. I will need some diving gear like this boxer dog. Love Spot    

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04. 06. 2014
Ninja cat and max boxer

While I was in Paros… Maximo

  While I was in Paros island my friend Maximo and Ninja, the black cat living with me are getting closer. x Spot

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20. 05. 2014
Niki with Boxer Maximo

Niki with baby boxer Maximo selfie

  Maximo my baby boxer half brother and friend sleeps with his mama Niki in bed… Oh! ┬áHe acts like a grown up when he is sleeping… Love Spot  

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16. 05. 2014
Maximo boxer and Spot

Our game

I enjoy playing with Maximo. He is my pal! Love Spot

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06. 05. 2014
spot and maximo hugging

A perfect day in the garden with Baby Boxer Maximo (video)

When Maximo, my half brother baby boxer comes over to play it is a perfect day! We run in the garden and play with a ball. Then we start hugging, bitting and kissing!...

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11. 04. 2014
cavalier king Charles 1

March- My life on Instagram

1. My favorite pillow has Spots, 2. Love riding the couch, 4. I usually sleep on my parent’s bed…. I know I am spoiled…   All my Instagram pictures are from my mommy’s...

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03. 04. 2014
Cavalier King Charles garden

Running in the garden with Maximo (Video)

Running in the garden with Maximo was fun! See the video even though I am a baby Cavalier King Charles I can play with a big baby boxer. Love Spot

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02. 04. 2014
Spot-and-Maximo cavalier king charles and boxer

Saturday Walk

When my mommy has coffee with my sister Niki at Starbucks I play with baby boxer Maximo. OMG we are the same age and he is gigantic. I think he likes me. I...

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