22. 02. 2014
spot and mommy

My mommy loves me

  I am getting older I know… but I still love to sleep with my mommy. Love Spot  

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21. 02. 2014
puppies mess

Absolute mess

  Hey Julia…look what we did while you were out!! Good huh? So you know we are the triple trouble musketeers !!!! Love Spot  

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20. 02. 2014
three cavaliers

The three Cavaliers

We are the three cavaliers … “All for one and one for all.” like Alexandre Dumas said in The Three Musketeers. We are sleeping now… Love Spot

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19. 02. 2014
cavalier dogs couch

Let’s play

This my play couch… Come up and we play!!! Love Spot Post by Beauclarke Cavaliers.

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18. 02. 2014
cavalier black leather couch

The Couch is MINE

At last everybody knows the black leather couch is mine. Love Spot Post by Beauclarke Cavaliers.

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17. 02. 2014
Spot tricolor cavalier puppy on couch

Spot on the couch

  A big day for me! I managed to climb on the couch where the big dogs sit. Remember the video I was trying so hard…. If you don’t yu can see me...

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16. 02. 2014
Spot cavalier puppy with tan and black girl

Change of Plans

  With his Auntie Daisy… We are both pissed it started raining and plans changed. No walk outside today… grrr Love Spot  

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15. 02. 2014
puppy Playing with mommy dog

Playing with my mommy (video)

I am 13 weeks old! I had a rubies shot this Sunday because I need it for my dog passport. I was told I am flying to Greece on the 23rd of February....

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14. 02. 2014
solid food Cavallier puppies

Lunch Time

  We love this new dog food… Hey! Elli come and join us. Love Spot  

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12. 02. 2014
Cavalier King Charles Puppy Cakes02

Cool Cavalier King Charles puppy cakes

  I spotted some super cool and cute cavalier king Charles puppy cakes. I am sharing them along with some other pretty dog cakes. OMG! They look yummy! Love Spot    

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