20. 11. 2014

Dogs Of The World Super Cute Pet Posters

  Dogs Of The World is a new series of super cute pet posters by Lili Chin. More than 192 dog designs and 24 cat designs. All of these beautiful posters and many...

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11. 08. 2014
Designer Pet Trailers by Judson Beaumont

Designer Pet Trailers by Judson Beaumont

  Designer Judson Beaumont created amazing “Pet Trailers” for stylish pet campers.  The collection has four unique, dog-sized trailers that are fully customizable. Pet Trailers are made from environmentally-friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and...

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11. 07. 2014
Dogs with their Toy Pets

Twinkle Pet Playtime

Pet Playtime with more dogs with their toys …. sleeping and playing… Twinkle, my future friend living in La Jolla with my family in the States sent me a video. Oh! I love...

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12. 06. 2014
Electronic-Pet-Door-best gadgets

Best Gadgets for Dogs- Electronic Pet Door

I thought this electronic pet door is cool and safe. The other day a cat came behind me in the house. I don’t mean Ninja or Jaslin …a stranger… This Electronic Pet Door...

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15. 05. 2014
Skamper Ramp Pool eascape

My new Pool Escape Ramp

I have never been in the pool, shhh I don’t like water very much so why do I need a swimming pool escape ramp? You know pools are hazardous for pets! Skamper Ramp...

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01. 05. 2014
Alessi Lula dog bowl

Wow! The Alessi Lula Dog Bowl

I love my new stylish Alessi Lula dog bowl from Amazon.co.uk. The dog on the lid is super cute and it clearly shows to Ninja and Jaslin, the cats that live with us, that...

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30. 04. 2014
Amazon box dog puppy king charles

Is this box from Amazon for Me?

I wonder is this oversized box from Amazon for me? It must be… Mom is taking pictures of me and the box… I wonder what she bought me. Last time the huge box...

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