10. 09. 2014
Tibetan Mastiff

Unique Dog Breeds

Thai Ridgeback First it was the Thai Ridgeback grey dog and then that baby Catalburun that caught my eye. I wanted to learn more about unique dog breeds like these. According to pets.amerikanki.com “An ancient...

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09. 09. 2014
Run Walter, RUN!! Walter the adorable Labrador is a special dog, who really loves the sea! He lives in Siracusa, Sicily, italy.

Walter the Labrador runs to the sea ( Video)

An amazing video of Walter the Labrador as he runs to the sea. Run Walter, RUN!! Walter is an adorable Labrador who really loves the sea! Even more than me…. His video says it...

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01. 09. 2014
Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Dog Fetching Ball in Pool (VIDEO)

Now this is the best dog fetching ball video I have ever seen! The video was broadcasted on the Ellen Degeneres show. I realize I have a lot to learn regarding fetching ball...

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27. 08. 2014
Spot cavalier swimming pool escape skamper ramp

Dog tutorial | How to use the Skamper Ramp

In my new post, I will tell you how to use the swimming pool escape Skamper ramp. There has been a lot of debate on amazon about the Skamper Ramp  and I will tell you...

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22. 08. 2014

Lauren Bacall with 2 black cats

Lauren Bacall with 2 black cats. I am seeing double Ninja here! Bacall appeared in more than 30 movies and received an Honorary Academy Award at the age of 85 in 2009. Read...

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21. 08. 2014
dog and the little boy in the puddle

Shar pei dog and the little boy in the puddle

Have you seen the smart, protective, loyal shar pei’s amazing video “dog and the little boy in the puddle”? It did get 8, 928,000 views! If you are not one of them here...

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07. 08. 2014
quote dogs

Dog and boy | So TRUE

  I saw this cute picture of a dog and boy on facebook … In the beginning I thought the quote was about the dog and not the little boy. I bet you...

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30. 07. 2014
Learn how to talk to animals

Learn how to talk to animals

I was glued on my mom’s computer watching the first BBC episode of TV presenter and zoologist, Lucy Cooke about animal communication called Talk to the Animals. She is on a quest to crack the...

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29. 07. 2014
Swimming pool for Canines00

Swimming pools for Canines

Swimming pools for dogs in Spain! Yes, a swimming pool just for canines opened in Spain. It is designed to be right depth for dogs. It’s true I read it on dailymail.co.uk Dogs making...

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21. 07. 2014
Seth Casteel Underwater puppies02 yellow ball

Underwater Puppies swimming

I found the photo-shoot of underwater puppies swimming by Seth Casteel amazing! OMG! I that how I look underwater when I am swimming?! He is an award-winning photographer and the New York Times Best...

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