25. 06. 2016
rescue dog toy size twinkle

Beautiful small two breed rescue dog My Cousin Twinkle

Have you seen a prettier small two breed rescue dog???  I love my cousin Twinkle from all the pictures my mom shows me. She looks like a chihuahua, I think, but she is actually...

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21. 06. 2016

Turtle in the Garden

  I don’t remember… have I told you we have a turtle in the garden? Actually we have a married turtle couple and now they have a little turtle kid. More photos coming...

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12. 06. 2016
dog sleeping

Lazy Sundays – Sushi Time

OMG!!! I love fish… even if it’s raw sushi!!!! Had my snack and then fell asleep with my dad. Love Spot    

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17. 05. 2016

The Big Kiss

Maximos came over to play today. When we got tired of running we kissed. Mom uploaded the video on youtube. Love Spot

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23. 04. 2016
Cavalier King charles Spot loves fish and cats

Dog Cat Fish

Good morning my dear friends. You know my bestie is Ninja  the black cat but did you know my favorite food is fish?? I am telling you grilled fish tastes much better than chicken!!!...

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15. 02. 2016
King Charles Cavalier wet sad

Splish Splash I hate having a bath

  Did you see my latest video with Ninja? Cats cleans themselves and he has taught me to do it to!!! Wasn’t that hard …. So, I totally don’t get it why my...

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08. 02. 2016
cavalier king Charles and big dogs

Happy playing with the big dogs

I went with my friend Emma to the park … but you know her.. always prefers sitting on a chair instead of running around. Never mind… I played with the big dogs!!! Fun...

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31. 01. 2016
Spot Cavalier King Charles and Ninja black cat00

Lazy Sundays with Ninja

Sunday rituals with my best friend Ninja, the loving black cat. When it comes to personal hygiene, cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They clean themselves and Ninja has taught me to do it too....

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25. 12. 2015
Dog reading card

Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for following my life and reading my dog stories. My family in UK sent me a Christmas card… I read it 5 times!!!  ...

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23. 12. 2015
Pixie Spot's mom

My Cool Mom

First thing in the morning I check my emails and guess who emailed me her glam festive Christmas dog look? My mom!!! I love her!! Pixie is so super cool!!! Love Spot  ...

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