07. 09. 2017

Summer Vacation

My favorite toy is a tennis ball!!! I play in the morning… I swim too… then I rest because every night we go out… Love Spot  

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30. 08. 2017


As I was going through my photographs I found these from my childhood.   At Julia’s house when I first saw my forever mom First day at Yanna’s home in London Why did...

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07. 08. 2017

Vacation Paros

We went to Paros for our summer vacation with my auntie Yanna, my mom and my dad. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my best friend Vitto on the beach. He...

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30. 07. 2017

Island Life

We arrived at Paros… I love Greek Island life… Beach during the day, walking around in the villages at night…relaxing on the beautiful couch. I made a lot of new friends…This tall blond...

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25. 06. 2017

Love Yoghurt

Yummy!!!! Love Spot

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15. 04. 2017

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!!!! I am so ready for sunny days and spending more time in the garden. It took me three years to teach our cats how to chase each other for fun. Happy Easter!...

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11. 04. 2017

Wake up

  Shhhhh…… I am waiting for my mom to wake up….. Good morning !!!! Love Spot  

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15. 03. 2017

Dog Playdate

Have you noticed Emma never runs around with Vitto and me? Oh, women….. Love Spot

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14. 02. 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!! Love Spot

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31. 01. 2017


  It took me a while to learn to stand still for photoshoots mainly because I think it’s sooooo boring. Anyway, my mom likes it so I do it sometimes, just to please...

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