16. 02. 2015
cat dog fun pics

Arashi Cat and Oliver Dog

I found the cutest cat and dog duo ever. Arashi the cat, loves Oliver the dog almost as much as I love my best friend Ninja. You know who I mean…. the black cat...

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01. 12. 2014
Cute Dog Costumes Ideas by Marni and Cubby

Cute Dog Costumes Ideas by Marni and Cubby

Happy December my dear friends!!!! Did you know the famous cuteness rivals of celebrity dogs Boo and Buddy, are Pomeranians Marni and Cubby?? Super funny and sweet!!! Their moms, Toronto-based twins and creators of...

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22. 10. 2014
Dachshund's Creek | James Van Der Beek The new Dog Dawson's Creek

Dachshund’s Creek | The new Dog Dawson’s Creek

Dachshund’s Creek is a story about love, life and growing up based on Dawson’s Creek, every single ’90s guilty-pleasure TV show. As I read on  mashable.com So luckily, filmmaker Michael Immerman has reimagined Dawson’s Creek as...

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19. 09. 2014
Anja Rubik and her dog on Instagram

Models and their Dogs Best Friends on Instagram

Models and their dogs best friends on Instagram just proves that beauty and being photogenic definitely runs in the family. In an article at Style.com you can see that the dogs are as pretty as...

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03. 09. 2014
Cara Delevingne dog

Cara Delevigne dog VS Joan Smalls cat on Instagram

Cara Delevingne dog and Joan Smalls pets have thousands of followers on Instagram. Do you want to see who wins the like battle between Cara’s dog and Joan’s cat on Instagram? Even though Joan...

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29. 08. 2014
MAYA VS EDGAR VIDEO | The master pug

MAYA VS EDGAR VIDEO | The master pug

MAYA VS EDGAR is a video about the pets, two pugs specifically, of youtube star CutiePieMarzia and her boyfriend PEWDIEPIE,  He has 24,000,000 subscribers but he uses bad language a lot which is not very...

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28. 08. 2014
Olivia Benson Taylor Swift cat- Inspiring pet names

Inspiring pet names

I found this article of inspiring pet names womenhealthmag.com. I know it sounds an unexpected place to look for pet names but I loved the tiny white cat called Olivia Benson. She belongs to...

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05. 08. 2014

Cute Animals in designer bags

  Super cute animals like BooBoo the dog in a Proenza Schouler backpack You know my mom is obsessed with fashion and style so sharing cute animals in designer bags makes sense even...

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28. 07. 2014
Ugly Pretty Dog Chrissy Teigen model01

Ugly Pretty

Love this ugly pretty dog… What did you think from the title? The girl? She is a pretty, pretty hot model star. It’s Chrissy Teigen taking her dog for stroll. Love Spot    

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23. 07. 2014
dog at fashion week

Dog at fashion week

  Some dogs go with their moms to fashion week… I don’t even know exactly what that is but this dog is super cute! Hey, mom will we go to?? Have a lovely...

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