Why your dog licks your face?

On November 4, 2015 by Prince Spot

why dogs lick your face

Why your dog licks your face? But really? You don’t know? Do you need articles explaining the 5 reasons your dog licks your face? It’s so so simple….

Your dog licks your face because he LOVES YOU! It’s a big watery loving kiss.

I kiss my mom on her face, all the time. She thinks it’s because I like her hydrating cream and the taste of her lipgloss … which tastes nice too but it’s not the real reason.

If I could talk I would tell her … I adore her, she is my family, my friend, my life!

My dad too… and my sister… and my half brother boxer Maximo.. and my best friend cat Ninja … and sometime our stupid female cat Jaslin and … my friend Vitto… and Emma…



PS. It’s my birthday today! I am off to a Greek Island, Aegina with a couple of beagles and my family. Can’t wait to eat some yummy dog birthday cake!


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