28. 10. 2015
Halloween NY dog parade00

NYC’s Halloween Dog Parade

I want to to the NYC’s Halloween Dog Parade next year! Have you seen the article with the cutest puppies ever on Racked?  They have 60 amazing photos with dogs wearing funny Halloween costumes from...

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20. 10. 2015
Cavalier King Charles in a carton box00

Carton box house

This was a message to my Mom… I want a cozy dog house… The carton box will do for now… Love Spot  

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19. 10. 2015
balloons street

Dog Diary | Balloons? No way!

Something you don’t know about me… All bloggers, from time to time reveal a little secret. Well, I am not afraid of many things but I hate balloons. If I see a man...

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15. 10. 2015

Driving Lessons 101

  Hey guys, this is my first time on a 4 wheel Suzuki bike… I was excited and kinda scared…. I was, almost, driving… It so much better than sticking your head out...

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12. 10. 2015
Tricolor king Charles

Goodbye Summer

I am so happy I live in Greece. It’s still warm over here. Have a lovely week!! Love Spot

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08. 10. 2015
cavalier tricolor happy face

Happy Face Mom is Back

I hate it when my mom goes away…. I saw her packing and I knew she was not taking me with her because she had that “you are not going” face… I was...

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