29. 09. 2015
Cavalier food Spot

Happy Waiting Video

Yeah !!! The sun is back!!! I know we have family for lunch today… I am so happy … I always get lots of hugs, kisses and yummy food. Feeling happy!! Love Spot

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23. 09. 2015
Spot Floor Cavalier feet


I am feeling moody today… It’s the second day raining and I haven’t been out for a walk… I love warm weather … I am not ready for Fall… Bring the Sun back!!!...

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10. 09. 2015
Tsiro Golden retriever Spot cavalier king charles kissing

When King Charles met the Golden Retriever

When I met my new friends, Tsiro, a strong golden retriever and Luna, a kind setter, it seemed like I would have a super fun vacation with my parents in Spetses. We all...

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