Family Dinner

On April 30, 2015 by Prince Spot

handsome doggie



Hi Guys! We had a family dinner a few weeks ago. My grandparents, my sister and brother, my dad…


Lara, my mom’s best friend was there too, with Nikolas… So lovely to see him again! The picture is blurry but the feeling is there!

I could sit at the table but you know me I would rather walk around free…as a dog…

My guess is you are not into fashion but if you want a yummy healthy recipe, head over to my mom’s blog for the details.



Spot Cavalier King Charles Table

meet with peppers and pineapple

Nicholas and Spot



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2 Responses to “Family Dinner”

  • Your post has made my day. Such a gorgeous boy you’ve grown to be…and I love the picture of you at the table! Auntie Penny would have been so proud of you! xxxx

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