An enormous Garden for a small dog

On February 18, 2015 by Prince Spot

I went for a playdate with Flopsi the other day at her enormous garden.

Can you Spot me in the image?? Hahahaha I look tiny, I know. But just to remind you, I am over a year old and my weight now is 9.5 kilos.




Spot Garden


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2 Responses to “An enormous Garden for a small dog”

  • hahahaha I spent AGES trying to find you in the first photo!! Then realised you are only in the second Silly me. You are growing yup into a lovely lovely boy Spot. You weigh the same as your sister Little Darcey 🙂 Little Buddy is heavier at 11.5 kg…he likes his food 🙂

    • Prince Spot

      Oh !!! 11.5 my mom likes to lift me up and give me hugs and kisses…
      Kisses to my brothers and sisters and my mom… and my aunt… and YOU

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