My New Portrait Pictures

On November 3, 2014 by Prince Spot

Spot portrait pictures

I plan to use one of these portrait pictures on my passport even though things are not looking that good… If I keep on gaining weight I will have trouble flying…

We will see… I am 8.5 kg now and you must be 8kg with the bag to get on a plane with your parents.

But look at my picture…

Will the flight attendant resist my charm?? I have to meet my family in the USA! They are waiting…



PS. Or should I use an angry one??

Dog portrait pictures


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One Response to “My New Portrait Pictures”

  • OOO Spot! That is an angry one!! I do hope you can go to see your family in the USA..maybe you should go soon! Little Buddy is already 10kg…(Be sure to do a BIG poo before they weight you at the airport! 🙂

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