30. 10. 2014
First dog birthday cavalier king charles

It’s Our 1st Dog Birthday

It’s our first dog birthday and I heard my mom has a surprise for me. Look how all my brothers and sisters have grown. I wish I could play with them again like...

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30. 10. 2014

A celebration of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Book

  I am so excited about Julia Fletcher’s new book “A celebration of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”. Julia is my mom’s Pixie mom. She chose my photo for the cover of her...

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28. 10. 2014
Happy Halloween Dog

Happy Halloween for Dogs too

Halloween for Dogs? Is it for us too? If I was living in the States it would be fun to wear a dog Halloween costume and go to a party with my cousin...

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27. 10. 2014
Sleeping with the enemy

Sleeping with the enemy ? Not Really

Sleeping with the enemy hahaha noooo not the case at all… I love sleeping with my friend Ninja… We are a strange duo ..I know… He is a black cat and I am...

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22. 10. 2014
Dachshund's Creek | James Van Der Beek The new Dog Dawson's Creek

Dachshund’s Creek | The new Dog Dawson’s Creek

Dachshund’s Creek is a story about love, life and growing up based on Dawson’s Creek, every single ’90s guilty-pleasure TV show. As I read on  mashable.com So luckily, filmmaker Michael Immerman has reimagined Dawson’s Creek as...

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20. 10. 2014
Spot Dog Happy face

Happy Face

And this is my happy face photo… I know we are going out… My mom is using her makeup brushes… Love Spot  

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16. 10. 2014
YSL sandals and dog

Sky high Sandals and Me

Sky high sandals … Wow! I love my mom’s shoes! However, I have noticed when she wear sky-high heels I stay at home grrrr I ate her sunglasses the other day… because she...

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10. 10. 2014
dog laptop king charles

Dog Routine

Hello my dear readers, blogging is part of my dog routine!!! First thing in the morning I check my emails on mom’s laptop! After breakfast, I write something about dog living on my...

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09. 10. 2014
Emma Spot

My tricolor Cavalier King Charles Friend Emma

My tricolor Cavalier King Charles friend Emma doesn’t like the walk in the park. She likes to sit around and watch me and Ben play and run! She is older than us boys… but...

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06. 10. 2014
Dogs in pet stroller

Dogs in a Pet Stroller

  My aunt Yanna send me this pic of two dogs in a pet stroller at Starbucks in Kings Road, in London! When I was young my mom use to take me with...

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