Dog Show Quality (VIDEO)

On September 12, 2014 by Prince Spot

Dog show quality CH Craigowl Santana

I just show these two videos from a Dog Show with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Am I getting any ideas??? No…. I don’t even know if I am dog show quality?

I read a pretty face is not all Cavaliers need to win over a show judge!

According to : What is it about puppies that justifies such a wide price range? A variety of characteristics make the difference, but simply put, it is how close a puppy comes to being the “perfect Cavalier,” according to the Breed Standard. This Standard is lengthy and detailed. A breeder spends many years participating in shows and training his or her eye to be able to see these differences and should be able to articulate these differences to you, even if you cannot see them yourself.

Oh, and the combed ears … did you see them??

Anyway, just enjoy the dog show!



2013 Dog show King Charles Cavalier

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2 Responses to “Dog Show Quality (VIDEO)”

  • I think you would not be disappointed Spot…..from what I can see (and thanks to mummy taking good shots of you) you would be a good show prospect…..with combed ears of course!!!

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