24. 09. 2014

A tiger playing with Dog (video)

Post by Justin Tigerboy Fernandes. An unbelievable video of a tiger playing with dog… a small dog!!! Meet Panjo the tiger  and Sky the Jack Russell dog. According to dailymail.co.uk Panjo acts just...

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23. 09. 2014
twinkle dog toy size

Toy Rescue Dog | Cousin Twinkle

My cousin Twinkle is the cutest toy rescue dog ever. I can’t wait to fly to the States and meet her. I hope she likes me. I was told she likes only humans...

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22. 09. 2014

Dog Bed is too small

My dog bed is too small… grr  But you know what they say, if the shoe doesn’t fit ..wear it! I have a bigger dog bed upstairs but I love using anything that...

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19. 09. 2014
Anja Rubik and her dog on Instagram

Models and their Dogs Best Friends on Instagram

Models and their dogs best friends on Instagram just proves that beauty and being photogenic definitely runs in the family. In an article at Style.com you can see that the dogs are as pretty as...

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18. 09. 2014
dog baby sitter hat

Dog baby sitters

  Dog baby sitters are the best! Have a look at the most amazing images I found on the web with dogs and kids. My favorite are from the Ellen DeGeneres page cutest...

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17. 09. 2014
floating pool chair

Fun with the Floating Swimming Pool Chair

The floating swimming pool chair is one of my latest discoveries. I use it with my mom. I tried to use it by myself but I fell in the water when I tried...

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16. 09. 2014
Unique dog gift ideas

Amazing Unique Dog Gifts

When I say amazing unique dog gifts, I mean it! Think of a luxurious wooden double dog bed with side tables, think of mustache rubber ball.. What is that? I told they are...

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15. 09. 2014
Buddy Beauclarke-Cavaliers

Beauclarke Cavaliers | My brother Buddy

My brother Buddy lives with Julia and the rest of the Beauclarke Cavaliers family. As you can see he likes working on the computer like me… I miss Buddy sometimes… last time we...

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12. 09. 2014
Dog show quality CH Craigowl Santana

Dog Show Quality (VIDEO)

I just show these two videos from a Dog Show with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Am I getting any ideas??? No…. I don’t even know if I am dog show quality? I read...

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11. 09. 2014
Prince Spot Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | The background story (video)

I liked watching this video about the background story of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, my people… It’s from DOGS 101 series where you can find information about other breeds too. Although I...

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