Cavalier Grooming | My Combed ears

On August 19, 2014 by Prince Spot

Spot beach waves hair ears

My grandfather was saying to my mom I look like a hippy with my curly ear hair and she needs to comb him more often…
Oh. What is it with with grandpas and their grandkids hair??

Why do grandpas have to interfere with our modern hairstyle? In my case ear grooming? I had wonderful beach waves and my grandfather told my mom, cavalier King Charles spaniel must have groomed ears!

Love my natural beach waves, Hate my combed ears…

A it is kind of painful, B it is not fun…

cavalier grooming ears

Hey, papou happy now??

Cavalier grooming tips (video)

I can do it but what is the point??

Hey  I am not a poodle!!!



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3 Responses to “Cavalier Grooming | My Combed ears”

  • Hey Spot…take it from your breeder BEACH EARS ARE COOL!!!!!!! Just a quick comb each week to help stop tangles at the back of your ears is plenty. I LOVE your look! Keep ’em curly!

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