Spot in the Swimming Pool (video)

On July 18, 2014 by Prince Spot

Spot in the swimming pool

My new video is in the swimming pool. I have started loving the water.

Greece is warm in the summer and having a pool to swim in is a luxury I love! I am a lucky spaniel.

I tried my new escape ramp …. Well, it needs work to learn how to use it. For now my mom usually helps me out…

My mom’s friend Dania with her kids visited to spend the day at the swimming pool.

They have the cutest dog ever, Croco. He didn’t swim…Maybe next time…



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3 Responses to “Spot in the Swimming Pool (video)”

  • yanna

    You’re very cute trying to get off the pool and failing and not carrying either way:)

    • Prince Spot

      Yanna, shhhhh I didn’t want to get out….swimming is fu, fun, fun… and it’s hot here…

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