My brother Buddy learned how to swim

On May 12, 2014 by Prince Spot

Cavaliers Spot Buddy and Darcey

Buddy is the black and tan cavalier King Charles

I am the one living in Greece and Buddy, my brother living in England learned how to swim before me… Grrrrrr

Charlie went swimming today at Bearhugs Canine Hydrotherapy with his Auntie Jacqui….Little Buddy went along for the ride and found himself learning to swim!

I saw the video on facebook



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3 Responses to “My brother Buddy learned how to swim”

  • Hey there Brudder! Yeah…and I’m younger than you too by a couple of hours 🙂 When Auntie jacqui let me go I swam off like a ROCKET!!! You shoudda seen me then brudder I was fast! You gotta learn to swim its fun fun fun and the best bit is you get to shake off all the water EVERYWHERE and make your mum wet 🙂

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