Boo and Buddy the cute dogs

On May 2, 2014 by Prince Spot

Boo and buddyBoo the cutest dog

Boo the cutest dog Boo the cutest dog02 Boo the cutest dog03 Boo the cutest dog04 Boo the cutest dog05 Boo the cutest dog06



They are called Boo and Buddy the are the world cutest dog with 11,000,000.. yes, 11 million likes on facebook… but you know what I think … The world’s cutest dog has to be a cavalier King Charles…Anyway,  I admit they are kind of sweet.

I recently read in an article about Boo and Buddy– Many think the recent trend of animals in social media is ridiculous, but if something as simple as a Facebook page can make millions of people laugh or smile, I see nothing wrong with that. Everyone needs a smile break in their day. Humans have always loved their pets and taken photos of them like any other member of their family.

Well, my mommy takes a lot of pictures of me which I share here in my blog explaining what I think. I hope they make you smile!

Also, I do help her with her outfit post photo-shoots for TrendSurvivor .




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