30. 05. 2014
Cuttest Dogs Ever

Cutest Dogs Photographs Ever

  I always like to share amazing pictures I find and these are the cutest dogs photographs ever! There is even a tricolor cavalier king Charles that looks exactly like me! The images...

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29. 05. 2014
Spot and Trendsurvivor smiling

100 Facebook likes

My mom uploaded this picture of us on facebook and we got 100 likes in one day!  On Instagram@TrendSurvivor we got 30! Love Spot

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28. 05. 2014
puppies extra cute

10 more adorable puppies

  These 10 adorable puppies will make you want a dog…immediately …even if you have one.. Does , anyone remember how cute I looked too? See my previous posts here if you don’t...

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28. 05. 2014
dog pool sea, Paros island

In Paros

I have arrived in Paros, a beautiful Greek Island in the Aegean sea. I haven’t seen much yet but the place looks great. I love the garden and my mom told me when...

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27. 05. 2014

10 Cute Puppies Worth Sharing

10 adorable pictures of cute puppies worth sharing on pinterst, facebook, on your blog … you name it… I found them here Love Spot  

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26. 05. 2014
Furbie cat and dog

Cat and Dog sleeping together

I found this picture of Furbie cat and dog sleeping on Vassia’s facebook page. She is my mom’s friend and I have seen him on her instagram account… I haven’t met him… Vassia...

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23. 05. 2014
cavalier king charles fashion photo-shoot

King Charles Spaniel Dog on two feet

King Charles spaniel dog on two feet for a fashion editorial photo-shoot… I was helping mommy with her photographs… No, in the image above ? That’s not me … that must be a tricolor...

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22. 05. 2014
King-Charles-Spaniels- tricolor painting

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait Painting

I feel kinda proud when I see a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Portrait Painting… Especially tricolor like me… They look so regal and cool… I am loving Peter Nash | Dog Day Afternoons painting from...

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21. 05. 2014
spot on the bed

Cavalier King Charles Dog portrait

  This is my recent Cavalier King Charles Dog portrait on our bed… I was told we will go on a trip… I overheard Greek Island… My heart is beating faster… Stay tuned...

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20. 05. 2014
Niki with Boxer Maximo

Niki with baby boxer Maximo selfie

  Maximo my baby boxer half brother and friend sleeps with his mama Niki in bed… Oh!  He acts like a grown up when he is sleeping… Love Spot  

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