Famous Super Star Dogs on Instagram

On April 10, 2014 by Prince Spot

Famous Dogs on Instagram collage

Do you know which dogs have thousands, yes you read right, thousands even hundred thousands followers on Instagram? For example Boo and Buddy have over 300,000 thousand people that look at their photos.

Have a look at the famous super star dogs , follow the ones you love and tell me which one is your favorite. Just to let you know there is no Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the list… maybe there is a spot for Prince Spot?

I am jealous!!!! I don’t have an Instagram account yet. All my pictures for the time being are in my mommy’s account Instagram@TrendSurvivor. At least, I have a Prince Spot Facebook page



superstar dog and brad pit

Name: Crumpet
Followers: 3,713
A Brussels Griffon with hilarious photoshopped selfies, like Crumpet as the Mona Lisa.
Followers: 68,611
He has a grumpy-cat face, and breed-related hashtags (#EverydayImBrusseling) are just too good to scroll past.

boo buddy in basket

Names: Boo and Buddy
Followers: 305,545
This pair is the Internet’s OG darling-dog duo. Between their love of cuddling, outfit changes, and quirky haircuts, their irresistible antics are well worth the follow.

trotter sunglasses grass

Name: Trotter
Followers: 187,574
This little guy has one kickass wardrobe. So, zany outfits are guaranteed.

boss on instagram

Name: Boss
Followers: 173,122
Despite being named Boss, he is the silliest of all social-media pooches. And, his facial expressions are everything.

instagram cosmo ice cream

Name: Cosmo
Followers: 155,605
His snack game is on point and he gives the most unbearably cute set of puppy-dog eyes.

koko snow white dog

Name: Koko
Followers: 9,246
She is the very definition of majestic and that snowy coat gives us major hair envy.

jazzy and cooper on instagram

Names: Jazzy and Cooper 
Followers: 37,057
Their unbreakable bond makes us rethink the whole “man’s best friend” thing.

bully bulldock instagram

Name: Bully
Followers: 8,022

Love his “case of the Mondays” expression.

dog wearing menswear

Name: Shiba Inu aka The Menswear Dog
Followers: 88,594
Outfit inspiration…

dagger on instagram

Name: Dagger
Followers: 11,321
He looks like an adventurous little fox and he’s always sniffing around San Francisco hot spots.

digy and aloysius on instagram

Names: Digby and Aloysius
Followers: 257,167

These adorable canine companions are always playing dress up in hilarious costumes.


Name: Norm
Followers: 191,967
He takes his own selfies and lives his #puglife


Name: Manny The Frenchie
Followers: 458,425
He sleeps in sinks.

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