Product Review- I just got a dog stroller

On March 20, 2014 by Prince Spot

Pet stroller

I just got an amazing reasonably priced new dog stroller. It looks and feels perfect.

I bought it from and it arrived a few days later at my doorstep. The Leopet Pet stroller carrier is the one I ordered.

I loved the OxGord Travel Gear Folding Carrier in Black but they did not ship to Europe so this blue one was my next favorite.

Prices for pet strollers on ranged from 45$ up to 180$ and dog pet strollers on ranged from 27 pounds up to 129 pounds.

We went with my mommy for a walk yesterday and whenever I got tired I sat inside the stroller and loved it.

It seemed nobody had seen a pet stroller before in Athens, Greece and they were stopping us on the street. But it was fun. I was out all day and had a nap inside my stroller at Starbucks.

pet dog stroller zippers

Description of the pet stroller carrier:

This wise way of dog transport is set up in just few minutes. It offers your pet best comfort with less effort for you. Make sure that your pet is secure in the crowded city, or just give your loyal companion some comfort while getting old with this pet stoller carrier. Limitation caused due to illnes or aging or simply lack of security in a crowded city- the Pet stroller carrier HDBG01 from Leopet® is the right choice.

Your pet will feel like a king and will love the pet stroller carrier!

Equipment of the pet stroller carrier:

spacious shopping bad under the pet stroller carrier
The pet stroller carrier is made of weatherproof, tearproof, washable material
Pet stroller carrier has ventilation grilles
Pet stroller carrier has also rain and sun ray protection
The pet stroller carrier is perfect for puppies, old or /and due to medical condition limited dogs

Material of pet stroller carrier:

Textile fabric of pet stroller carrier is made of polyester
Net of pet stroller carrier is made of polypropylene
Frame of pet stroller carrier is made of Steel

Weight of pet stroller carrier: approx. approx. 11 lbs / 5 kg
Dimensions of pet stroller carrier: approx. 39 x 15 x 31 in / 100 x 38 x 80 cm
Colour of pet stroller carrier: Blue, Pink or red

dog stroller for cavalier King Charles Spaniel


It was very easy to assemble and we test drove it in the bedroom first…



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